Hello there...

I call my blog "My Mother's Daughter" because, well, I am. When I was younger, everytime someone said "You're just like your mom!", I tried my darndest to prove that I wasn't. But, since I've gotten older, and noticed how much of my day-to-day has been affected by my mom, I realize that it's a good thing. So everyone who reads this: Go hug your mom. She deserves it. Anyway, my blog's all about the stuff I do that I'd like to share: recipes, arts and crafts, and more. (But no matter how much you ask, you can't have the ultra-secret family recipe for my mom's margarita chicken.) Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A New Painting, and some thoughts

So, I finally finished a painting yesterday. I think it's awesome. It's a Zombie Muffin.

Anyway, this painting reminded me that all art doesn't have to be collage art (which has been horribly daunting to me as of late), and that collage art is not necessarily my best art.

Just like I've no idea what I want to be when I grow up, I've realized that I haven't really found my creative voice yet either.

I suppose the best thing I can do is experiment. Keep collaging, keep painting cute spooky things, keep... i dunno... bedazzling jean jackets, I guess.

I figure if I try it all, I'll find the thing that fits me best. Maybe it's this muffin. Maybe not.

Muffin-maker, signing off.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blog makeover.

So, after talking to my darling mama about my practically abandoned blog, she reminded me that I don't need a finished project to post every week. (Although, having to post is a pretty good excuse to work on some art...)

So here's what's going on-
-First, the blog gets a facelift. Got rid of the posts I deemed dumb, and they're gone forever. I'm going to *try* to post weekly, whether it be with project progress, a new recipe, or just random thoughts about whatever.
-Second, the art. I've been trying to get up the gumption to convert my unused computer desk into a dedicated art space, so I can be more productive for all you happy people, but it is, quite frankly, a very daunting task... and I am, quite frankly, an easily de-motivated person.
-Third, the job hunt. *Sigh* To put it in the ever-eloquent language of my legal father... There ain't shit. But, I remain persistent, figuring even the unluckiest guy in Vegas wins eventually if he keeps playing the odds...

Anywho, that's the quick and dirty version of what's going on with me, and what you can (hopefully) look forward to with my happy little blog.

Doom, Doom, Doom
Denise signing off.